Thursday, July 30, 2009

Forehead down, belly in!

I went to Miami the weekend of the 25th to meet with some potential vendors and TO TAKE MY BOUDOIR PHOTOS!!!! As stated previously I won a wedding planner who works closely with a photographer, and as part of that package I got to pick from a bridal, engagement or boudoir session. Since my photographer already includes the first two, I thought it would be awesome to provide my honey with the latter, and OMG was it an awesome experience.

I introduce you to PProvocateur By Carmen. The photographer is The Amazing Carmen (of Studio By Carmen) who is, well, amazing! I haven't seen the photos yet so I don't know how happy I'll be but the experience itself was awesome. I am not one who likes to be exposed and I dont see my self as sexy at all... 5'3 and a A-cup... I mean really! lol But Carmen made me feel like a modern day Jessica Rabbit.
I arrived at her studio and we chatted over my outfits like girlfriends...layed out my "gear", picked the order they would go in and with what accessories. Then we were off. Here I was, in front of someone I had just met less than 5 minutes before in a garter belt thigh-highs and stilettos and I wasn't uncomfortable at all! Mind you, before I'd gotten there I was totally freaked. In our one phone call she asked me what I was bringing (I felt exrememly embarassed mentioning my lingerie) and what size I was (ummm do we really need to talk cup size lol)...I felt like I was at the gyno lol ... but as soon as I walked through those doors Carmen made me feel like I was in jeans and a shirt (sexy jeans, mind you) and not weird or uncomfortable at all!
The shoot lasted about an hour and a half. The whole time I was sucking in my belly, trying not too look like a deer in head lights and laughing. Really good experience that I think every woman should have. It's like an adults "dress up". Completely out of my character and I loved it, and I hope he'll love it too! And one day when my daughter is dressed all skanky and tells me I know nothing about being sexy, I'll have something to show her..because YES it was classy...and I'm proud I did it :)
**For those of you not based in Florida (she's located in Miami) she holds marathon shoots nationwide, and if you contact her with interest she may hold one in your city!**
Pictures to come!...maybe lol (he doesn't like that idea)

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  1. Go girl!! I didn't have the guts! your man will be stoked!