Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting to know me: 10 facts

1: I got married April 24, 2010 after a 2 year, 2 week engagement lol
2: The first year has NOT been hard. I love being his "wife"...I find myself really optomistic for the future.
3: I'm on the path of perfection, invisalign, lasik, law school, I'm trying to make it all happen!
4: I sleep with my eyes opened (i know, i know, I'm a freak).
5: I'm a reality show addict, all the housewives, flipping out, million dollar listing, Kardashians,etc
6: I'm allergic and afraid of cats.
7: I dont like asking for things, confrontation, people eating off my plate without asking, or people in my personal space.
8: Big believer in being yourself. I dont do facades. This is me love it, or like it a whole lot :)
9: I fear childbirth, which is why there are no plans in the near future to have babies. I'm such a woose :(.
10: I am all natural, no contacts, no acrylic, no hair dye, I'm 100% ;)