Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vendor Love: Gil Sosa my florist


He is AMAZING!!! Will work with your budget, guide you and he oh so humble! He has no idea how famous he is on the knot!!!

Vendor Love: My Paper Lady Pt. II

For a destination wedding Busy Vee Created these:

For a Baby Shower:
For Wedding:

And it doesnt stop at invitations, here's what she made for a bridal shower:
The proof is in the photos:
So now for the questions that's been burning us this whole time....
how do you contact her???
Like this :)
I 110% stand behind her as a vendor. I put my own wedding in her hands and have been more than happy with the outcome, and now that mine is near, she should have some room in her schedule for you and yours too :)
Happy Planning!

Vendor Love: Meet my Paper Lady

I've always raving about a certain Busy Vee and all the magical and wonderous things she does with paper, well now I plan to use not only words, but images {insert gasp} to show you just how fly she is! Brace yourself your in for a ride!

For her 26th Birthday she has a Mystery Stache Bash,
with all personally made decor and favors:
and to top it off a Stache Cake!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black white and green...I loves it!!

Signature Drinks for Cocktail Hour

Love the idea of a signature drink. I'd like to keep it in the color theme though I dont know how to do that with black, white, and green....this is super cute!

maybe set up like this:

Off the top of my head I'm thinking green apple martinis, mojitos, white russian, and...i dunno!!!

Cigar Bar

We went to Ybor City (located in Tampa, originally built by Cuban Immigrants) and bought a few cigars, got a humidor for presentation and now need ideas on presentation.
I like something like what's on the left, maybe in a frame, with the cigar cutters laid out, and custom matches in a glass jar.
Still working on all of the above...what I need to do is stay off these blogs so I'll stop getting ideas! But that wont happen to to planning I will go!

Our setup will probably be something more like this: