Friday, June 26, 2009

Discount Alert! @ Ikea

If your a DIY type bride then you should definately check out your local Ikea... I went there today (before Old Navy lol) and found some greatdeals on vase and pots, perfect for centerpieces and just plain decor!

So check it out it' #2 of two annual sales.

Oh and they serve free breakfast tomorrow morning! Giving you all the energy you'll need to run around that show room :)

Beach babes beware! Old Navy Sale!

Old Navy is having it's $5 swimwear sale from now until Saturday! Each piece $5 and they have so much to choose from! So whether it's to get tan & wedding ready, for your honeymoon or even just to get a man they have something for you!
I personally got 5 pieces for $26..not bad at all! Spread the word!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?

I was driving home in the rain listening to the radio, when they announced that he had died of cardiac arrest. His musical contribution to to our lives will be missed and my prayers go out to his family and children. Regardless of everything, at the end of the day he was EXTREMELY talented and that's something that cannot be denied. With that I leave you with my favorite Michael Jackson Video:


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here we go again....

In my last wedding related post I was uber excited that we'd gotten a date and time for our ceremony. Well last night after talking to Mr. D's family we're having second thought. Our ceremony is to take place at 7:30, last about 45 minutes, pictures afterwards, then a cocktail hour, then food then dancing.... meaning the food wouldnt be until about 11pm.... which is super late and doesnt leave much time for dancing. His aunt is saying we either need to find another church that can do it earlier (ours only offers 4:30 or 7:30 because they have confession and mass in between and 4:30 was already taken) or X the church.... find a priest that'll do it at the venue and save the $900 they're charging us. Also, when we were there no one could tell us how much the music would cost (not included in that $900), so I emailed the music director to find out it's another $ now we're up to $1200....

Mr. D is almost all but convinced that we should just have the ceremony at the venue. My only concern is that "walking down the aisle" feel. Am I willing to give that up? Other than saying "I do" that walk is HUGE! Walking through those doors up the aisle to the alter, standing before God.... I just dont know. I hate how I make a decision and then people have advice! Why didnt they mention all of that before we drove 4 hours to Miami and gave a 50% deposit!? Now his dad is going to talk to a priest they know, and we'll go fro there. But what do you think I should do??

The Unveiling: Welcome Home

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our new Washer & Dryer

This is our washer & dryer :) $1500 total at Lowe's including delivery and all hoses, etc. ohhhhhh, ahhhhh lol

Important Update #2

The closing we didnt do yesterday was rescheduled to today and we closed this afternoon!! Mr. D and I are now homeowners!!! I cried lol. His mom is paying for a cleaning lady to clean, his father is paying for the Stanley Steemers to clean all the floors, we purchased our fire proof safe for our mortgage docs, and tomorrow the water, power and our Brand New Whirlpool Washer and Dryer are being delivered.... My God is an awesome God :) So now that that's out the way its full blast wedding planning!! Oh and my camera came back from Casio so now I'll be able to upload photos! (that's why they're all been photos from the web lately lol) Stand by!! Wedding Planned or Bust!

Important Update #1

That church down there...yeah we got it!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy We made the decision to go. They didnt get the papers for the closing by 2 and it was a 5 hour drive to the church so we made the decision to go to Miami instead of wasting another day and I'm so glad we did. We'll be walking down that aisle at 7:30 p.m. on April 24, 2010 :)
Funny thing is that when we were 2 hours away from the church they called and said the papers were ready and I was like "oh hell no!!"...of all the times to get that damn call... but we kept going becuase in my eyes this wedding is forever and that house is only for the next 30 years :)
Oh and in case you follow the news, this is the Catholic Church where the priest got caught with a girlfriend and had to leave the priesthood :) Gotta love the drama.

Monday, June 8, 2009

This is the church I should be at today :(

The orientation is today at 7:30... and here I am at work, waiting for a call that maybe the closing papers came.
What should I do? We MUST be present if we want our wedding there and it's only the 2nd Monday of every month...being that I'm wasting my vacation away, I wont have another Monday this year. What would you do?

That damn house...

I took 10 days off for this house. We were suppsoedly closing Friday. Our broker was waiting on tax transcripts that we was confident could be waived. We could hear something by 6 we still hadnt heard from him. Then Saturday our realtor says to stay close becuase she was goingto see if she could give us the keys and we move in early and sign later...Saturday came and went without a mention of the keys...Sunday she says the title company said no. So today I came to work. Today we were supposed to get a call at 10 with an update, we call at 11 after not hearing anything...they're still waiting. So I took off 10 days to pack, clean, move and take care of our apartment and our house and so far it's been a complete waste of my time. We partially packed.... but for what?

I talked to one of his coworkers who said her closing was rescheduled 3 times. My coworker says she lived in a hotel for a week because the same thing happened to her... I am feeling very pessimistic right now. I've prayed on it. I dont want anything rushed and if it takes time to do it correctly, then by al means...but atleast dont leave us hanging! Stop mentioning all these great possibilities becuase it gets my hopes up, stop saying you'll call at 10 and then let me figure it out at 6 when the call still hasnt come, and dont have me "stay close" on the only Saturday without rain for no damn reason! UGHHHHHHH!!! I could punch them all in their faces.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm no Cake Diva...I keeps it simple

I always thought I'd like some crazy, Mad Hatter, over the top, lop-sided wedding cake...But now that I'm in the position of power I find myself being drawn to the simple, clean and classic...mind you I dont want it to be just a pile of frostig sitting in the corner but I also want this to be elegant. So these are a few of my ideas... keep in my my color scheme, these are just ideas.

another vent session

We were supposed to close on our house today...the broker was waiting on "something" and if he had it by ten a.m. it was a "go"...10am came and went. We were told to stay close and that hopefully we'd get it in time to close today, move over the weekend and have time to drive the 5 hours to Miami for the orientation at the church for our wedding. I took off today through next Friday just for that. To sign, get my orientation done and move fully! And yeah so far a total bust. At 6 we're told that they were waiting for my tax transcripts... that maybe they'll get them by tomorrow and let us sign then, give us the keys and then we'll sign the rest Monday (if that even makes sense)...afternoon...meaning that now there's no time for the church orientation. And as for the orientation, it's the 2nd Monday of every month and we both have to be present to set a date and put down a deposit...I dont have Mondays off. I work your regular for me to take another Monday off is not likely, not if I want off during the holidays (my job only give the "day of" off) so my days have already been allocated. Now it looks like I either go back to work early to be able to have days left to go down to Miami some other time, or.....or nothing...there's no Plan B, if I want to walk down that aisle that's it. Soooooooooooo pissed.

Bridal Registry

The one thing I dont like about bridal registries are your sterotypical bridal gifts...the "Fine China" the glass vases, frames and candle sticks, and the foo-foo stuff that will only come out during holidays, when the person who gifted it is coming to visit, or when you're regifting it... so my registry was pretty short becuase I was avoiding all such items like the plague. But at the same time I felt like I was missing out. I'd have nothing really WOW if I had guest over but refused to get something that was so blah that it would compromise my vision of the "Married Me".

Fastforward- Today we went and registered at Bloomingdale's and Macy's....and OMG!!! Did I fall in love. Bloomgindale's carries this line call Nambe' and it is soooo me....

In case you didnt know this already I'm Dominican..I grew up around alot of wood household gadgets such as these:

So when I saw these I was automatically's like your Modern Dominican! It's my grandmother, my mother and now me with a modern twist! I love it! Introducing Nambe'!

"The proprietary eight-metal aluminum-based alloy has the luster of silver and the solidity of iron. It can be preheated to 500 degrees or chilled in the freezer; this coupled with its superior temperature retention properties makes Nambé Alloy markedly useful for cooking and serving. "

and yup, I sure did register for all of the above so go forth and purchase freely lol....warning: Honestly, they're rediculously expensive (ie. that salad bowl is over $200) but if you like and you can afford knock yourself out! I only registered on the off chance that someone would actually purchase a piece :)

Bridal Jewelry

I was home with the flu watching HSN and they were showing a new line of jewelry by the bridal designer Demetrios and I was I started by research and as always it started at Etsy...
Probably just with some simple stud earrings...I want the focus on my chest, I have no boobs so why not lol