Friday, June 5, 2009

another vent session

We were supposed to close on our house today...the broker was waiting on "something" and if he had it by ten a.m. it was a "go"...10am came and went. We were told to stay close and that hopefully we'd get it in time to close today, move over the weekend and have time to drive the 5 hours to Miami for the orientation at the church for our wedding. I took off today through next Friday just for that. To sign, get my orientation done and move fully! And yeah so far a total bust. At 6 we're told that they were waiting for my tax transcripts... that maybe they'll get them by tomorrow and let us sign then, give us the keys and then we'll sign the rest Monday (if that even makes sense)...afternoon...meaning that now there's no time for the church orientation. And as for the orientation, it's the 2nd Monday of every month and we both have to be present to set a date and put down a deposit...I dont have Mondays off. I work your regular for me to take another Monday off is not likely, not if I want off during the holidays (my job only give the "day of" off) so my days have already been allocated. Now it looks like I either go back to work early to be able to have days left to go down to Miami some other time, or.....or nothing...there's no Plan B, if I want to walk down that aisle that's it. Soooooooooooo pissed.

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