Friday, September 18, 2009

Everyone I love, I love in groups:

The men in my life: Jason and Jelly {our puppy :0) }, my friends Leidy & Laura, my most important people...Mami, Mama and Manito (my mom, g-ma and big brother) and I introduce you to the most important 3:

The reason for this post is Wednesday I was informed my grandmother had suffered a heart attack. She's stable and thay're giving her a tune up but God! was that a scare. Last year my grandfather died, and I hadnt spoken to him for over a year before that happened. No bad blood I just kept putting off calling him until it was too late. Now my grandmother is the only one I have left and I hadnt spoken to her in over a month. This is my second chance and I'm taking it! She promised me 26 more years and I'm holding her to that! {she's 84}...take that as a sign, call your loved ones before it's too late.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Carpet Ready

2 weeks ago 3 of my 6 bridesmaids came up and we hit the town along with Mr. D on a missison to find their dresses, and find them we did!! Like previously posted we foudn all the dress at White House Black Market for the incredible price of $29.99 each! Now they're not comlete, we still need a green sash to go around each one and shoes and jewelry but this is a HUGE step in the right direction, and I show present Busy Vee, P.lo and Little Leidy!
This is Busy Vee looking quite pretty in her Matron of Honor attire :)
Next is P.lo in a dress not quite her size, but looking gorgeous non the less, Maid of Honor at its finest! Her dress {seen in a previous post, came a week later} and fits great!
and finally the Bridesmaid of all Bridesmaids, Little Leidy!
The dress wore by Little Leidy is the same gown the rest of the bridemaids will be wearing, the same dress went up to $59.99 the next I went ahead and bought them all! lol

Weekend Buys: Live from Wedding Headquarters!

This weekend was what I would call "productive"...I was window shopping, just minding my own buisiness, when BAM! out of nowhere pop these awesome finds!

Without further ado I present you this weekends purchases!

This little beauty came from T.J. Max for an amazing $4.99! It stands about 20 inches tall and will hold one of our engagement photos that I'm having put on canvas.


This is our future cake stand and came from Home Goods for $16.99...I haven't ordered our cake yet so all I know is it better fit becuase it's this or nothing! Do you know how expensive cake stands are! Jeez! Almost as much as the cake!

Photobucket Photobucket

and finally! For wedding headquarters...we've got curtains!!! Because only God knows how hot this room has been with this Florida sun...I dont complain in front of Mr. D becuase I dont want him to know that he made the right choice giving up this room lol...


Oh and that color you see....that's "Fushia Flock" lol not to be confused with pink :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

It fits!

My MOH received her dress today from White HouseBlack Market and it fits! Yup, this dress was $29.99 when we went, the next day it was up to $59.99 and regular price is about $168 so it was a steal!
My goal is to find a green sash for this and all of the dresses to bring them all together.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bring in the Ringbearer!!!!!!!!!

Now that we've gotten official confirmation I'd like to introduce you to Jaden, our ringbearer! He is my FH's, cousin's that? lol

Mr. Jaden hails all the way from Bradenton, Fl and will be accomplianing my cousin's daughet, Alana, down the are so freaking cute! My planis to have both of them formally dress with a twist...maybe some Chuck Taylors?

Now when I say "Pro" you say "Gress"!

Progess! Progress!! I'm so psyched! and if you know me I'm not easily psyched for fear that things will fall through..taking a minute to knock on wood....but we've found and purchased dresses for the Bridal Party!!! 3 out of my 6 girls are sorta ready to go... By sorta I mean my MOH didnt find it in her size so she ordered on and hopefully when it comes in it'll fit.

As for the dresses they came from White HouseBlack Market Outlet and were on sale for $29.99!!! So my MOH and M(atron)OH will be wearing different styles from the rest of the girls and my MOH will be in Black and white while everyone else will be in black with a green sash {we have yet to start the hunt for the sashes} and I of course in white...the struggle ahead lies in the other 3 being able to find the same dresses...They're in an outlet, which means not everyone will be able to find them...and the other girls are in NY, Miami, and WPB so fairly spreadout. I'll keep my fingers crossed though ;0) My goal is the above, wish me luck!

Photo Guestbook, my latest venture

I was up past midnight last night designing what will be my "Photo Guestbook" similar to the one seen above. I didnt want your customary sign-in guestbook becuase 1-I'll never look at it again 2-it's a bit boring for me and 3-If I'm never going to look at it I'd rather just x it completely.... but I do want to remember everyone that was present and give them the opportunity to lay down the wisdom so instead I went this route. Through Shutterfly I uploaded my images, layed them out how I wanted them (over 20 pages) and added in quotes, songs and sayings on marriage, leaving just enough room for messages from my guests. I used my engagement session photos since this'll be a nice way to dispaly all 50+ photos.

With shipping (which was waived on orders over $25) I got it for a whopping $27.99!! I did find other site that did it for cheaper but the layouts they provided weren't to my liking... I'll also be putting on of our photos on canvas for the sign-in table (and later for our hallway) and making a book for my boudoir photos :0) Hope they come oput nice I'll repost as soon as I get them!