Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photo Guestbook, my latest venture

I was up past midnight last night designing what will be my "Photo Guestbook" similar to the one seen above. I didnt want your customary sign-in guestbook becuase 1-I'll never look at it again 2-it's a bit boring for me and 3-If I'm never going to look at it I'd rather just x it completely.... but I do want to remember everyone that was present and give them the opportunity to lay down the wisdom so instead I went this route. Through Shutterfly I uploaded my images, layed them out how I wanted them (over 20 pages) and added in quotes, songs and sayings on marriage, leaving just enough room for messages from my guests. I used my engagement session photos since this'll be a nice way to dispaly all 50+ photos.

With shipping (which was waived on orders over $25) I got it for a whopping $27.99!! I did find other site that did it for cheaper but the layouts they provided weren't to my liking... I'll also be putting on of our photos on canvas for the sign-in table (and later for our hallway) and making a book for my boudoir photos :0) Hope they come oput nice I'll repost as soon as I get them!

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  1. Very cute, I need to make ours but have not gotten around to it yet. I can't wait to get a peek at yours.