Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now when I say "Pro" you say "Gress"!

Progess! Progress!! I'm so psyched! and if you know me I'm not easily psyched for fear that things will fall through..taking a minute to knock on wood....but we've found and purchased dresses for the Bridal Party!!! 3 out of my 6 girls are sorta ready to go... By sorta I mean my MOH didnt find it in her size so she ordered on and hopefully when it comes in it'll fit.

As for the dresses they came from White HouseBlack Market Outlet and were on sale for $29.99!!! So my MOH and M(atron)OH will be wearing different styles from the rest of the girls and my MOH will be in Black and white while everyone else will be in black with a green sash {we have yet to start the hunt for the sashes} and I of course in white...the struggle ahead lies in the other 3 being able to find the same dresses...They're in an outlet, which means not everyone will be able to find them...and the other girls are in NY, Miami, and WPB so fairly spreadout. I'll keep my fingers crossed though ;0) My goal is the above, wish me luck!

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