Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Buys: Live from Wedding Headquarters!

This weekend was what I would call "productive"...I was window shopping, just minding my own buisiness, when BAM! out of nowhere pop these awesome finds!

Without further ado I present you this weekends purchases!

This little beauty came from T.J. Max for an amazing $4.99! It stands about 20 inches tall and will hold one of our engagement photos that I'm having put on canvas.


This is our future cake stand and came from Home Goods for $16.99...I haven't ordered our cake yet so all I know is it better fit becuase it's this or nothing! Do you know how expensive cake stands are! Jeez! Almost as much as the cake!

Photobucket Photobucket

and finally! For wedding headquarters...we've got curtains!!! Because only God knows how hot this room has been with this Florida sun...I dont complain in front of Mr. D becuase I dont want him to know that he made the right choice giving up this room lol...


Oh and that color you see....that's "Fushia Flock" lol not to be confused with pink :)

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  1. what a STEAL for the easel and I love the curtains!