Sunday, May 31, 2009

To drink and how much to drink, that is the question!

My venue allows us to provide our own liquor my problem has been trying to figure out how much and what kinds to buy...until now!!

100 Guests
Red Wine: 12 bottles
White Wine: 12 bottles
Champagne: 20 bottles
Beer: 120 bottles
Vodka: 4 bottles
Gin: 2 bottles
Rum: 2 bottles
Bourbon: 2 bottles
Scotch (blended): 1 bottle
{so far I have one bottle of rum and one of vodka...loooonnng way to go lol}

150 Guests
Red Wine: 18 bottles
White Wine: 18 bottles
Champagne: 30 bottles
Beer: 180 bottles
Vodka: 5 bottles
Gin: 3 bottles
Rum: 3 bottles
Bourbon: 4 bottles
Scotch (blended): 3 bottles

Planners estimate one drink per person per hour. (A bottle of wine or Champagne contains five drinks; a liter of spirits, 22.) For each bottle of spirits, you need three containers of mixers—club soda, tonic, juice, and so on. Warm weather outdoor weddings call for more clear liquors (for vodka gimlets and gin-and-tonics), cocktail parties might prompt guests to order martinis, and multi-course sit-downs will necessitate plenty of wine.

“Having a specialty cocktail for the evening is a great cash-saving trick that I always recommend to my clients,” says Linnea Johansson, an events planner and author of Perfect Parties: Tips and Advice from a New York Party Planner ( “It’s a stylish way to start a celebration and it makes things easy, since the drink can be premixed.”

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's almost official

We just came home from signing the papers for our mortgage application. The appraisal and inspection should be done by Friday and then we start shopping around for Homeowner's insurance. The closing is now looking like it'll happen on June 5th...OMG!! This is my silver lining to all the wedding drama. I'm really proud of us. We moved out of our parents house with nothing but couches and pots to our names. We got our own apartment, and a year later are getting a house. I was so worried we wouldnt make it. And here we are engaged, almost homeowners and with the cutest puppy in the world. i think we've done really well so far. I really couldnt have asked for a better person to experience this stage of my life with. If his wasnt for his calm demeanor to my nuerotic one I would have moved back home along time ago becuase I would have had a nervous break down. He's a good man. I hope everyone is as lucky :)

Let you know how it goes with the house on friday.... In case you're curious this is the house. Wish us luck!!

Let the fighting begin

So I'm working on the guestlist, or rather trying to get final numbers as soon as possible. I was talking to my mom about it and she wanted me to send her my list so she could see if anyone was missing. Well my list is in my binder, I could scan it but my mom wouldnt know how to open the I ask her who she's looking for and I'll tell her if they're on the list. Nope, she wants the list. She says Mr. D let him mom make a list so now she wants to make one too.

My mom has no friends. My list was all family. My mom is one of 8 and all 8 are accounted for. What more can she wants?? Well that started a fight. Fast forward...

Yesterday I, being a nice person, give in and type up my list and email it to her. She then calls back and says I forgot my grandmothers sisters and her kids... (ie my moms aunt and cousins). I'm honest, I didnt forget they were left off. We're only having 100 people. 50/50. With my immediate uncles and aunts and cousins, there's NO room for 2nd and 3rd cousins. She then questions why my oldest friend from 4th grade is on the list. She is the only friend I have coming that isnt from College, that's deep! But when I tell my mom that she just says I'v known my family all my life. Yes, but the last time I saw these people I wasnt even with my Fiance...they dont know him, dont even know I'm engaged so I'm sure they'll be alright. She starts yelling, I start yelling for her to stop yelling and she hangs up on me.

Mr. D is next to me when it happens, he says something I dont catch but figure it's him being a smart ass and I just GO OFF on him :(

I dont think I can handle this part. This afternoon I emailed my mom (who isnt speaking to me know)....I proposed she can have 10 ppl, no questions asked. Mr. D and I will split the other 90. What do you think? Has anyone else gone through this? I'll let you know if it works, I'm at the point where I just want to forget it all and elope, but he's not having it. His family isnt giving him crap so he doesnt see the problem. To that I said I'm done. I've handed over the reigns and he's in charge of this wedding becuase I'm about to self destruct.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bitter-sweet news!

So we heard back from our realtor yesterday and the offer we put in has been accepted!! So our gorgeous 3/2 w/ den, 2 car garage and huge lanai is >< align="center">Closing costs are usually 6% of the purchase price
align="center">My example: $143000, 6% of that is $8580. They pay half we pay half.
We also have to come up with a down payment.
We're now at $8581 due at June 8th
We had no intentions of paying closing costs. We were prepared to pay about $4k as a downpayment, but not almost $9k. We figured we're paying $8k more than their asking, what more do you want!! We have the money {thanks to family coming through we now have $13k =) } but what about the wedding!?
I'M SO SAD! The house is appraised at $201k, so the deal is awesome, if we lock in a 5% interest rate the mtg. will be $1165m, so it's all doable bu what about my wedding :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my DIY completed!

today everyone got my DIY projects. So far great reviews!! My MOH was happy even though it was a little small (the black tank with "P.Lo") lol so it's turned into a gym shirt :), my bride-to-be, Ivy got her Bride-to-Be shirt and loved it!!! And we're still waiting on Busy V's reaction, but I cant take the anxiety so I'm posting! Ready, set, post!

Unfortunately, the yellow one didnt make it...RIP Old Navy Tank.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look what I can do!

So this weekend I was productive, but totally NOT for my wedding lol. I got inspired to make things and decided to roll with it. I made a few things for my friends {which I'll post after they see them} and a few things for your truly:

and a sneak peek at what I made them, or at least the gift tags:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Househunting sucks! we never heard back from our realtor...I emailed her and she says she hasnt heard from the bank...UGH!! How frustrating!

We still have 4 more houses to see tomorrow, but I have an outstanding offer out there so I dont think I can make another one... I dunno, severely bummed.

Anywho my planner is hard at work on other things. Getting me a quote from the florist for either potted white orchids as a center piece or various white flowers in water. And a quote from the cateror who wont return my calls. My stepfather just told me he's giving us $5k toward the wedding and Mr. D's mom has offered to take care of the catering and bar bill. {After writing all those blessings, I'm thinking maybe I shouldnt be so depressed} You guys have a good Saturday! Off to the groomers!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hoping, and praying and wishing and....

Dont know if I told you guys that we put in an offer on a short sale. The property was originally bought for $297k and we're offering $143k.....HUGE!! step for us and we're super nervous, short sales take forever and our realtor says the bank should be getting back to us by today. It's almost 4pm and nothing...