Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bitter-sweet news!

So we heard back from our realtor yesterday and the offer we put in has been accepted!! So our gorgeous 3/2 w/ den, 2 car garage and huge lanai is >< align="center">Closing costs are usually 6% of the purchase price
align="center">My example: $143000, 6% of that is $8580. They pay half we pay half.
We also have to come up with a down payment.
We're now at $8581 due at June 8th
We had no intentions of paying closing costs. We were prepared to pay about $4k as a downpayment, but not almost $9k. We figured we're paying $8k more than their asking, what more do you want!! We have the money {thanks to family coming through we now have $13k =) } but what about the wedding!?
I'M SO SAD! The house is appraised at $201k, so the deal is awesome, if we lock in a 5% interest rate the mtg. will be $1165m, so it's all doable bu what about my wedding :(

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