Saturday, May 2, 2009

Househunting sucks! we never heard back from our realtor...I emailed her and she says she hasnt heard from the bank...UGH!! How frustrating!

We still have 4 more houses to see tomorrow, but I have an outstanding offer out there so I dont think I can make another one... I dunno, severely bummed.

Anywho my planner is hard at work on other things. Getting me a quote from the florist for either potted white orchids as a center piece or various white flowers in water. And a quote from the cateror who wont return my calls. My stepfather just told me he's giving us $5k toward the wedding and Mr. D's mom has offered to take care of the catering and bar bill. {After writing all those blessings, I'm thinking maybe I shouldnt be so depressed} You guys have a good Saturday! Off to the groomers!

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