Monday, May 18, 2009

Let the fighting begin

So I'm working on the guestlist, or rather trying to get final numbers as soon as possible. I was talking to my mom about it and she wanted me to send her my list so she could see if anyone was missing. Well my list is in my binder, I could scan it but my mom wouldnt know how to open the I ask her who she's looking for and I'll tell her if they're on the list. Nope, she wants the list. She says Mr. D let him mom make a list so now she wants to make one too.

My mom has no friends. My list was all family. My mom is one of 8 and all 8 are accounted for. What more can she wants?? Well that started a fight. Fast forward...

Yesterday I, being a nice person, give in and type up my list and email it to her. She then calls back and says I forgot my grandmothers sisters and her kids... (ie my moms aunt and cousins). I'm honest, I didnt forget they were left off. We're only having 100 people. 50/50. With my immediate uncles and aunts and cousins, there's NO room for 2nd and 3rd cousins. She then questions why my oldest friend from 4th grade is on the list. She is the only friend I have coming that isnt from College, that's deep! But when I tell my mom that she just says I'v known my family all my life. Yes, but the last time I saw these people I wasnt even with my Fiance...they dont know him, dont even know I'm engaged so I'm sure they'll be alright. She starts yelling, I start yelling for her to stop yelling and she hangs up on me.

Mr. D is next to me when it happens, he says something I dont catch but figure it's him being a smart ass and I just GO OFF on him :(

I dont think I can handle this part. This afternoon I emailed my mom (who isnt speaking to me know)....I proposed she can have 10 ppl, no questions asked. Mr. D and I will split the other 90. What do you think? Has anyone else gone through this? I'll let you know if it works, I'm at the point where I just want to forget it all and elope, but he's not having it. His family isnt giving him crap so he doesnt see the problem. To that I said I'm done. I've handed over the reigns and he's in charge of this wedding becuase I'm about to self destruct.

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  1. I can relate. The guest list has been my ONLY stressor. We started off with 125, I get 50, FI gets 50--my parents get 25. In the end, I had 20 (most of my 50 ended up being my moms family), FI has 40, and my parents took the rest--and made me feel like I was an evil person for not wanting their random friends and random family there.

    I personally wish I never let them make a list....but my parents are control freaks. Hoepfully you and your mother will get past this and be able to come up with something reasonable. I think parents jsut have a different school of thought when it comes to weddings--they think they should be open for any and every one to come and celebrate regardless of if you know them well. We think differently :)

    Some battles are worth fighting, some you should let be--whatever you do don't let it affect you and your FI--stick together with the decisions you make togehter!