Sunday, May 31, 2009

To drink and how much to drink, that is the question!

My venue allows us to provide our own liquor my problem has been trying to figure out how much and what kinds to buy...until now!!

100 Guests
Red Wine: 12 bottles
White Wine: 12 bottles
Champagne: 20 bottles
Beer: 120 bottles
Vodka: 4 bottles
Gin: 2 bottles
Rum: 2 bottles
Bourbon: 2 bottles
Scotch (blended): 1 bottle
{so far I have one bottle of rum and one of vodka...loooonnng way to go lol}

150 Guests
Red Wine: 18 bottles
White Wine: 18 bottles
Champagne: 30 bottles
Beer: 180 bottles
Vodka: 5 bottles
Gin: 3 bottles
Rum: 3 bottles
Bourbon: 4 bottles
Scotch (blended): 3 bottles

Planners estimate one drink per person per hour. (A bottle of wine or Champagne contains five drinks; a liter of spirits, 22.) For each bottle of spirits, you need three containers of mixers—club soda, tonic, juice, and so on. Warm weather outdoor weddings call for more clear liquors (for vodka gimlets and gin-and-tonics), cocktail parties might prompt guests to order martinis, and multi-course sit-downs will necessitate plenty of wine.

“Having a specialty cocktail for the evening is a great cash-saving trick that I always recommend to my clients,” says Linnea Johansson, an events planner and author of Perfect Parties: Tips and Advice from a New York Party Planner ( “It’s a stylish way to start a celebration and it makes things easy, since the drink can be premixed.”

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  1. glad to see this list. we're also having an open bar so this helps us quite a bit :)