Saturday, January 24, 2009

So you've met me let me introduce you to my muse...

If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough.
- ann landers
His name is Mr. D and he has my heart. He is the most amazingly giving person I've ever met and I'm going to be his wife! :)
Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
- franklin p. jones
He is incredibly funny, silly and immature as hell! He makes me laugh when I'm being uptight, and douses my fire when I'm mad as hell. He is my breathe of fresh air.
We come to love not by finding a perfect person,but by
learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
He's way too energetic for me, wont pick up after himself, put back empty carton of juice instead of throwing them out and is doing handstands as I type {what a weirdo!} and yet I think he's awesome! I cant feel down around him, his energy is so positive that it's contagious!
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.
- george sands
He loves me. And I am one mean -----! I get an attitude when I'm hungry, I freak out about his shoes being all over the house and about him finishing my cookies and he just looks at me and tells me how beautiful he thinks I am... { can you not love someone like that!}

If I know what love is, it is because of you.


So I never thought I'd ever date someone younger than me, and he's 7 months younger {yeah not much but still so againt my religion!} He's the knd of person that when I'm on the computer will all of the sudden want to lay on me, or will start dancing for my attention....the kind of person that can watch the same movie 7 times in a row and not get tired {if I see Illegal Tender one more time I'm going to cry} and has the type of personality to get casted on Jackass :)

and he's all mine. As goofy, silly, agitating and annoying as that man can be at the end of the day the thing that matters the most to me is that he's beautiful. Inside {and out cuz hot-damn he's good looking! lol} that man is everything I could ever ask for. He has a huge heart, is caring, takes care of me, and loves me like no other. And for those reasons and many other those imperfections mean nothing. His imperfections make him perfect for me. I need the goofiness to remind me of what really matter, I need the distrcations when I'm too engulfed in this computer stressing, and he know that. He's my right hand man. The milk to my cereal, the perfect love song ever written. He's my Mr. to my furture Mrs.

Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman,but luckier

is the woman who is the last love of a man.

-unknown {but let's just pretend that ame from me}

and that's all I've got to say about that :)

Night ya'll!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why ski when you can drink?!

So I've been gone a while and with good reason!! My honey and I went to NC with our crew on our first out of state trip with the whole group and we had a blast!! In -9 degree weather, wearing more clothes on at once than humanly possible, and a group of 13 you can bet the this trip was memorable. We took 18 hours to get there just because of all of our photo ops on the way, I lost a pair of $300 Armani sunglasses (not this broke bride's) and ended up with a huge bruise from getting hit with a ball of ice during a snowball fight :) So yeah, I'm broke and on vacation...I know it goes totally against the budget, but you know what!! These memories are priceless! And my babe looked so handsome in all his gear...awww.

So with out further ado here go the pictures!

And I'll be completely honest...I did no skiing whatsoever. The resort, fortunately, had a bar and in honor of Corporate America and all those hard working people out there, we celebrated Happy Hour while everyone else hit the slopes lol

Monday, January 12, 2009

Interview with a Vampire...ok not really it's just me & Joan Rivers

So I follow a crap load of blogs, most wedding related, some financial or style, all interesting, but you don't have to take my word for it.... (<--think the guy on Reading Rainbow)...

Anywho, I've noticed alot of bloggers have interview on their pages with other bloggers or have been interviewed and, me, not one one to be left out (and since I'm too new for anyone to care) I've decided to interview myself! That' right, I, Future Mrs. D, am being interviewed EXCLUSIVLY on!! *tear* So on to the interview:

What is your Future Husbands name?

His name is Mr. D and he's hott (with 2 T's)

How did you know that he was the one?

there's no right answer for that, he makes me feel like I've never felt, his face never gets boring, he makes me look forward to the future without fear and with eagerness...he makes me feel like being a better person (I wrote an essay about it but it's a surprise to him lol I'll post later)

How did the proposal take place?

In Central Park at the Fountain Bethesda...I blogged about it...READ IT JOAN!! and you guys too! But yeah it was awesome I was trying to watch the performers and he kept bugging me so finally I was like WHAT?! And he proposed! Awwww gotta love a man who puts up with your crap.

What kind of ring was it?

A princess cut diamond in an empire setting, just what the doctor ordered.

Seriously though, I had it on my fridge for months, before I gave up and threw it away...and he remembered!! And you ask why he's the one!?

Who did you tell first?

He called my BF and MOH and she text everyone, and I my BFF and mom

MOH to the left an BFF, Little Leidy in the middle, I'm the brown one on the end :)

{this was taken at Melting Pot, WE DO NOT CONDONE SMOKING LOL}

What is the date of the wedding?

It's planned for April 24, 2010 (planned for because I cant find a freaking venue and I'm sure by the time I do someone will have stolen my date.

What age will you be when you got married?

25! OMG that's almost 30!! My eggs are going to be hardboiled by then!

Where do you want to get married?

CocoPlum!! In Coral Gables! I love that spot!

How many guests will you have?

well they have a minimum of 100 and we cant afford anymore than that so 100 it is!

Who wil be the best man?

His Brother in Law and friends since 8th grade

(Mr. D's older brother married future BMs sister 3 years ago)

Who will be the maid of honor?

My Laura, my homie since day one! There is not one time this girl has not been there for me and this day will be no exception. She is an amazingly unique person with so much personality it's crazy...her face says it all. Love you Laura lol

{Isnt she just lovely?}

Who will be your flower girl?

My Niece (well actually my cousin's daughter) Miss A. Marie and she's bow-legged like me!!
{I'm a regular Dr. Suess!!}

Are you throwing the garter?

Nope! That is not in the budget! I am not paying for anything that's getting thrown away!

How about the bouquet?

No, reason being...All those extras (garter, bouquet) take away from the dancing!! I want as little breaks in the music as possible!

Do you think anyone will RSVP and not show?

My Family...yes, as much as I hate to admit it I come from a LOOOONNNNGGGG line of flakes...I think it may be hereditary, so I'll use this post to come out.

My Name is Future Mrs. D and I am a flake

{I feel soo much better now}

Any honeymoon ideas?

Brazil!! Mr. D's aunt is giving us her timeshare for our gift and I've always wanted to go there or to Greece...Brazil sounds so much more exotic and sexy! So if it's in the budget as far as airfare and the timeshare allows Brazil it is!!

Do you plan on having any children?

I want to be a soccer mom!!!!!!!!!!!, as much as that's against my beliefs I want the mini-van, the Mami and Me classes, the soccer, karate and costume building for recitals. I know I know.... so anti-feminist movement, but you know what... I DONT CARE!! I want to be there for the first words, first karate chop first dance! (Cuz I will chaperone!) and I'm not afraid to admit it!

What about a house?

I thought about that. I've gone back and forth about spending all this money on one day, one party feeding people i hardly ever see and you know what? I'm tired of letting "broke" dictate my life! I plan on only getting married once... This is a once in a lifetime experience and just like I'm saving for this wedding now I can save for the house then... Yes this is the time to buy, yes the wedding could wait, but guess what? I dont want to wait, I love this man and I want to be his wife and have him as my husband asap :)

{Whoa! That was intense lol}

Are you happy?

With him- extremely!! With this wedding planning- HELL NO! Again, I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN!

Who has helped you out the most?

In life, my mom <3>, but since we're talking wedding...Hands down, it's my girls V and Lauis...Thank you thank you thank you!

and Who are you wearing (because it's Joan Rivers asking)??

It's a little known designer called Aeropostale of France and vintage OldNavy

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'd like to introduce...Me!

Hi All!! (picture me waving) Deep breathe now...I've comtemplated over and over about whether to make this blog anonymous or not and am still unsure if this is the way to go...I know people are quick to label or assume and I wanted people to just read and enjoy just because it's good reading! But I decided maybe with a little back ground you would be able to appreciate this journey more... I'm 24 years young, originally from NYC (Queens) and currently living in Florida. I'm a product of divorce, have my bachelors in psychology, work as a bankruptcy paralegal, and love studying people. This is what I hope to be my one and only wedding. I am putting my all into the planning, am constantly planning, researching and thinking of ways to make it fabulous because I NEVER PLAN TO DO THIS AGAIN!

Mr. D is my complete opposite... he is the product of Cuban immigrant parents have been married for 30+ years since they were 17, and he is the youngest of 3. He's completely laid, comes home and relaxes and isnt stressed at all over this wedding. I COULD PULL HIS HAIR OUT! lol We met during Hurricane Irene my Sophomore year of college in '05 and have been inseperable ever since. He was immediately accepted into my family and circle of friends and that, of course, helped us get to this point. When our relationship started I was anti everything expected of a woman of my culture (I'm Dominican) I refused to cook, clean after any man, or give up my name... and here I am now with burn marks from cooking him awesome meals!!, currently doing laundry as I type lol and looking forward to being the future Mrs. D. I can honestly say he's made me do a complete 180...

This was us back in 2006

(what a handsome man!!)

This is us in 2008

(clockwise: us in the Bahamas in '08, in NYC for the first time in '07,
at a wedding in 06', and in downtown Orlando in '08)

So there you go..what do you think?? This is my husband to be, my best friend, my homey. I love this man...Oh and you must meet our son!! Yes, with this great figure I am also the mother of a 2 year old!

His name is Angelo, and he's a rockstar

Wedding Planning Sucks

Ok so last post I was super excited about ChomberHall and I've come to realize that these all inclusive places costs more than just finding your own vendors and that I, once again, dont know what I'm doing and it's frustrating. I had a mini-melt down last night as I told Mr. D :

1- that I wanted to elope

2- once he vetoed that idea, to just forget it let's just stay engaged for life, followed by a rant about how he's not helping and that this isnt fun and finally

3- That I dont want to get married and forget everything and cried...this is probably my second one of those...this is part of that hysteria I mention in the description of my blog.

It's just a lot...I have a planner that I'm weird about going to (I dont like asking people I dont know for favors) and although that's her job it's just weird to me...Plus I have these awesome friends who are always researching and advising (thanks V and MOH) but I still feel like a complete mess and like i'm getting nowhere.

Comber Hall refuses to work with my planner and their attitude was a complete turnoff and Coco is great but I love it more than Mr. D and I want a place we'll both love equally, plus Coco isnt as large so we'll have to do some creative thinking as far as the reception area is concerned. So it's not a total bust but now I'm back to looking for another option to make sure I make a good decision. And planning from Orlando for a wedding in Coral Gables is no easy task. I dont know where these places are and then we have to find a weekend we both have off to take the time to see then be bombarded with prices and packages that overwhelm me all over again. I could cry....and I did and I might again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now that's what I call a 1st dance!

Found this online and found it hilarious! This is soooooo something Mr. D and I would do.... make sure you move it all the way to 1:31...that's where the funny part starts, the beginning is their 1st dance then they BREAK IT DOWN! lol I'm inspired!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I need some chocolate

I dont eat chocolate cake but right about now I'd really like some... so Comber Hall...Mr. D loves it! "Like stop looking, lets book it" loves it! I wrote my wedding planner last night because i stll havent heard from them and wanted to see if she had better luck. I get a response from her today sayin they refused to give her information and that if I chose that venue she wont be able to help me much since they're refusing to work with her. Meanwhile Mr. D is mad that his dream venue is being difficult but still wants to book it Am I wrong to worry that this may be a warning sign?? I havent been able to contact them, when someone from my team does they get shot down, and this is just the beginning stages! The last thing I want to to have a nasty vendor, especially such a just one like the reception site! I dunno...I've emailed them once more. MOH has volunteered to try getting through too and Mr. D is also now getting involved. They loved it...hope it loves us back!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr. D's reception venue pick

Ok so finally, after a month I update! As mentioned before my #1 choice is the Cocoplum Woman's Center and Mr. D's was the Bank of America Tower at International Place...picture below...well after much google-ing we've come up with a new option, Comber Hall, also in Coral Gables. Absolutely stunning! Huge rooms, high ceilings, grand entrance, all inclusive like Cocoplum, not open air but has a balcony all around...beautiful! Dont know how much is costs though, price will determine. I'm super excited. Mr. D loves it enough for me to stop looking, but I dont think so! Until money is put down I'm on the look out of bigger, better and cheaper lol always cheaper!

Old Option for Mr. D:
Bank of America Tower

As you can see from the pictures, it's nice...but all of that construction in the background is not. Our budget is small, almost no existant, but whatever our pennies go towards needs to be awesome as awesome on a penny budget can be!

This is getting freaky...

I WON ANOTHER FREAKING CONTEST!! 50 photo save-the-date cards with envelopes from Gina Drakes Events!! This is getting weird now...I have NEVER in my life won a contest. It started on Thanksgiving with a full service wedding planner, an engagement session by Studio by Carmen, an ornament lol, 30% off my stationary package from Jaime Kae Paper Studio!! and now free save the dates! Someone up there must really want me to marry this man!