Monday, January 5, 2009

I need some chocolate

I dont eat chocolate cake but right about now I'd really like some... so Comber Hall...Mr. D loves it! "Like stop looking, lets book it" loves it! I wrote my wedding planner last night because i stll havent heard from them and wanted to see if she had better luck. I get a response from her today sayin they refused to give her information and that if I chose that venue she wont be able to help me much since they're refusing to work with her. Meanwhile Mr. D is mad that his dream venue is being difficult but still wants to book it Am I wrong to worry that this may be a warning sign?? I havent been able to contact them, when someone from my team does they get shot down, and this is just the beginning stages! The last thing I want to to have a nasty vendor, especially such a just one like the reception site! I dunno...I've emailed them once more. MOH has volunteered to try getting through too and Mr. D is also now getting involved. They loved it...hope it loves us back!

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