Monday, January 12, 2009

Interview with a Vampire...ok not really it's just me & Joan Rivers

So I follow a crap load of blogs, most wedding related, some financial or style, all interesting, but you don't have to take my word for it.... (<--think the guy on Reading Rainbow)...

Anywho, I've noticed alot of bloggers have interview on their pages with other bloggers or have been interviewed and, me, not one one to be left out (and since I'm too new for anyone to care) I've decided to interview myself! That' right, I, Future Mrs. D, am being interviewed EXCLUSIVLY on!! *tear* So on to the interview:

What is your Future Husbands name?

His name is Mr. D and he's hott (with 2 T's)

How did you know that he was the one?

there's no right answer for that, he makes me feel like I've never felt, his face never gets boring, he makes me look forward to the future without fear and with eagerness...he makes me feel like being a better person (I wrote an essay about it but it's a surprise to him lol I'll post later)

How did the proposal take place?

In Central Park at the Fountain Bethesda...I blogged about it...READ IT JOAN!! and you guys too! But yeah it was awesome I was trying to watch the performers and he kept bugging me so finally I was like WHAT?! And he proposed! Awwww gotta love a man who puts up with your crap.

What kind of ring was it?

A princess cut diamond in an empire setting, just what the doctor ordered.

Seriously though, I had it on my fridge for months, before I gave up and threw it away...and he remembered!! And you ask why he's the one!?

Who did you tell first?

He called my BF and MOH and she text everyone, and I my BFF and mom

MOH to the left an BFF, Little Leidy in the middle, I'm the brown one on the end :)

{this was taken at Melting Pot, WE DO NOT CONDONE SMOKING LOL}

What is the date of the wedding?

It's planned for April 24, 2010 (planned for because I cant find a freaking venue and I'm sure by the time I do someone will have stolen my date.

What age will you be when you got married?

25! OMG that's almost 30!! My eggs are going to be hardboiled by then!

Where do you want to get married?

CocoPlum!! In Coral Gables! I love that spot!

How many guests will you have?

well they have a minimum of 100 and we cant afford anymore than that so 100 it is!

Who wil be the best man?

His Brother in Law and friends since 8th grade

(Mr. D's older brother married future BMs sister 3 years ago)

Who will be the maid of honor?

My Laura, my homie since day one! There is not one time this girl has not been there for me and this day will be no exception. She is an amazingly unique person with so much personality it's crazy...her face says it all. Love you Laura lol

{Isnt she just lovely?}

Who will be your flower girl?

My Niece (well actually my cousin's daughter) Miss A. Marie and she's bow-legged like me!!
{I'm a regular Dr. Suess!!}

Are you throwing the garter?

Nope! That is not in the budget! I am not paying for anything that's getting thrown away!

How about the bouquet?

No, reason being...All those extras (garter, bouquet) take away from the dancing!! I want as little breaks in the music as possible!

Do you think anyone will RSVP and not show?

My Family...yes, as much as I hate to admit it I come from a LOOOONNNNGGGG line of flakes...I think it may be hereditary, so I'll use this post to come out.

My Name is Future Mrs. D and I am a flake

{I feel soo much better now}

Any honeymoon ideas?

Brazil!! Mr. D's aunt is giving us her timeshare for our gift and I've always wanted to go there or to Greece...Brazil sounds so much more exotic and sexy! So if it's in the budget as far as airfare and the timeshare allows Brazil it is!!

Do you plan on having any children?

I want to be a soccer mom!!!!!!!!!!!, as much as that's against my beliefs I want the mini-van, the Mami and Me classes, the soccer, karate and costume building for recitals. I know I know.... so anti-feminist movement, but you know what... I DONT CARE!! I want to be there for the first words, first karate chop first dance! (Cuz I will chaperone!) and I'm not afraid to admit it!

What about a house?

I thought about that. I've gone back and forth about spending all this money on one day, one party feeding people i hardly ever see and you know what? I'm tired of letting "broke" dictate my life! I plan on only getting married once... This is a once in a lifetime experience and just like I'm saving for this wedding now I can save for the house then... Yes this is the time to buy, yes the wedding could wait, but guess what? I dont want to wait, I love this man and I want to be his wife and have him as my husband asap :)

{Whoa! That was intense lol}

Are you happy?

With him- extremely!! With this wedding planning- HELL NO! Again, I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN!

Who has helped you out the most?

In life, my mom <3>, but since we're talking wedding...Hands down, it's my girls V and Lauis...Thank you thank you thank you!

and Who are you wearing (because it's Joan Rivers asking)??

It's a little known designer called Aeropostale of France and vintage OldNavy

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  1. I see that you are fairly new to the blogging world. Just wanted to stop by and say welcome! And congrat's on your engagement :)