Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tag you're it!!

Yay!! It's my first tag by the oh so talented, oh so busy Busy Vee! Thank you for always thinking of me!! For someone so busy, so all over the place with projects know that I feel special that you still remember the little people lol.

The Rules are as Follows:
1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs for brilliance in content/design.
2. Show the winners and let them know.
3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.
So for my ten honest things:
1- I was scared to death of this wedding. I have just started to get excited. As soon as April 24th came around my whole attitude turned around. I am finally looking forward to this, excited even and that feeling is amazing!! I'm not scared, nervous (even though technically all I have is a expensive party since I have no church, caterer, etc.) or anything negative. I'm finally feeling positive.... and that feel sooooooooo good :)
2- I'm a chronic "yeah-yeah" aka one of those people who always says yes to plans then flakes. I moved to Orlando and left all of my friends behind a year ago now I could kick my self in the ass for all those times I flaked. I've only done it twice since I've been here (which is a lot if you take into consideration that I really dont have anyone to flake on here) but I'm working on it. I'm pushing myself to hang, to visit and to KIT. It's not that I'm antisocial it's just that I'm THAT lazy! The idea of getting dressed, driving and then catching up and exerting all that eneregy being excited is exhausting!! But don'y judge me! I'm working on it!
3- I've discovered I'm a prankster. My latest and most frequent vistim is our receptionist at work. I've hidden her wallet, put salt in her water bottle (which she later squirted in my hair, soooo pissed! lol), taped her phone down, wrapped a slinky around her whole desk and scare her every chance I get... she's just too easy lol
4- I like being in the know. I dont necessarily need to be involved but I want to know...news, reality TV, Twitter (look for me as IamOMY), Facebook, Myspace, even this blog...I'm involved in all of that! I think it's my way of catching up without exerting the energy. I dont like being the last to know :(
5- I dont prooffread..not a shock if you've read my blog before and seen my typos. I dont do it to be lazy but I'm very self concious. If I re-read what I've written I'll end up deleting and just putting too much thought into how my writing will be perceived...so I dont. So just know that what you read are my thoughts as they come, completely uncensored. Good or bad.
6- I've always prided myself as being honest. I wont lie. If I'm quiet it's becuase I have nothing nice to say. I've recently noticed that I may be too honest. It pushes people away and that's not what I'm trying to do. I dont want to be that cranky old lady who's pushed everyone out of her life with her mouth, so again I'm working on it...it's starting with just staying quiet if I have nothing nice to say...and the next step I'm not sure of....like I said, working on it.
7- I'm always on the path to personal improvement. I've always been fascinated by people and what makes them click and their characteristics and personalities and I did not exclude myself in that analysis. I'm very self aware and try to constantly be a better me. Along with changing my brutally honest, flaky self, I'm hitting the gym. Not for the wedding, I DO NOT want to lose weight, I just want to be a better me. Healthier, more tone and just all around better.
8- When I love I love hard. My mom, grandmother, brother and now Mr. D are the apple of my eyes. I cannot picture this life without them. And in that circle of trust are my friends. There's nothting I wont do for you if I love you. And to my girls that read this I love you and appreciate everything you do and all the time you've been there and supported me.
9- On that note...I'm EXTREMELY emotional. I'm such a hardass on the outside but wow am I soft! It's annoying actually. I feel so weak when I cry but I do it often. Writing #8 made my eyes water lol. Everytime I tell Mr. D how I feel about him I cry...he must think I'm nuts lol
10- and finally!!!! I find this extremely hard. I consider myself such an open boook that finding 10 things that people dont already know if super hard for me!! I acually got a headache from this and am so glad it's done!! So there!! I did it and I'm done! You're turn!!

with that I tag My Dream Ring, Jess, Bridal Bliss, Jessica's Design Shop, Simple Pleasures, Budget Savvy Bride, and The Buckeye Bride...if you're interested you call check out all of their blogs on the right!
With that I leave you! Good Night!!

Hate that Dress!

We went to David's Bridal to try on the dress I'd posted a while back, and wow does the internet lie! The dresses looked amazing on the site, classy, expensive and beautiful... in person was a whole nother story...They looked cheap, cheap and cheap... Needless to say David's Bridal and all bridal stores have now been crossed off the list. I'm going department store. That way the dress can definately be used again, will be of quality and will look it!

Hated it!

Contest Heads up!

iDIY is giving away a away a $40 gift certificate towards a photobook at MyPublisher! She used MyPublisher in creating such guestbook (as well as the photobook gifts to her parents) since she'd heard nothing but good things about them. And she couldn’t be happier with the results! So check her out and good luck!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You guys are making me look bad...

So I've been on billions of blogs and everyone is sooooooo creative in their method of proposing to their bridesmaids...I've seen fancy cards, fancy gifts....well I'm not at all creative {we'll I have ideas I just can't create} and I'm broke!! So in my own way I wanted to let my girls know that I appreciate them... Dont laugh at me! It's my first time doing this and I will never claim to be Martha Stewart or anything close... So here's how I proposed to my MOH and one of my bridesmaids:

Needless to say they said yes lol but who can turn down red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting?? {no matter how ugly the lettering} like I said I'm no Martha but I try.

Bling Blow!! His ring has arrived...

So let me tell you a little about my Mr. D. He is NOT one to be left out... if I'm out with my friends he wants to come with, if I go shopping he wants to know what I brought him...so this wedding is no different. My ring is pretty nice, awesome really lol and he wasnt not having your stereotypical wedding band. I've tried to convince him that one center stone is nice, that the simple band can have diamonds added but Nope!! So this is what he found online...
So sure enough, because he's SOOOO SPOILED and honestly I just love to see him happy this is what he got:
One carat micropave diamonds in yellow gold... So not wedding-esque, wayyy to loud, but hey it's forever and I want him to love it. That way there's no excuse for me to EVER catch him without it. We got in in Kay's ghetto book (that's what the sales lady called it lol) it's the book where they havedog tags, name plates and the earrings with with your names in them. That's my honey, had to be the one lol!

Why I've been gone so long....

The market is for buyers... and since I'm getting married I figured why not add a house to the list of things to do. Our lease expires at the end of June and we keep thinking that where ever we are is where we'll start our lives as married people. So we started the house search... We're looking in Clermont, which is NW of Orlando and beautiful! It's called the Gem of the Hills, and the houses are bigger (1800 sq. ft plus) newer (2006 and newer), cheaper ($119k-$135k) and the lots are larger...so my commute will be doubled but what I'll be getting for my money will be worth it.

More E-session pictures

We finally received out engagement session pictures and are soooooooooo hapy with them!! Remember MichelleMoralesPhotography.com!!

Invites... it's not just about paper

It started with googleing images of green and white invites and seeing how expensive customized invites are.... I actually WON customized invites, or at least a dicount on them and was being offered them for $300. $300 for invites alone is not inthe budget. N-O-T in the budget at all. So luckily, I have amazing friends and once again V came through... here goes the process:

It started with shopping around 4 different paper stores...before this I only knew of Office Depot and copy paper. God, who knew there were so many differen versions of white and textures, etc! So overwhelming!

Noone said chosing paper was pretty lol
We were up until 2am drafting, sketching, scanning, tracing and just being creative

and of course Mr. D could not stay focused...so my MOH taught him how to knit lol
I heart those little lips <3
in the end we came up with something like this...

Monograms, shamograms....

So it's been quite a while and not much has been accomplished...we got side tracked with house shopping and after finding one we like enough to put in an offer we're back on track! So hi everyone and brace yourself for an inundation of informaton!! We've been working with the bet brides maid ever on our invitation and monograms and came up with some pretty cool ideas with which I present you:

So what do you think??