Sunday, April 26, 2009

Invites... it's not just about paper

It started with googleing images of green and white invites and seeing how expensive customized invites are.... I actually WON customized invites, or at least a dicount on them and was being offered them for $300. $300 for invites alone is not inthe budget. N-O-T in the budget at all. So luckily, I have amazing friends and once again V came through... here goes the process:

It started with shopping around 4 different paper stores...before this I only knew of Office Depot and copy paper. God, who knew there were so many differen versions of white and textures, etc! So overwhelming!

Noone said chosing paper was pretty lol
We were up until 2am drafting, sketching, scanning, tracing and just being creative

and of course Mr. D could not stay my MOH taught him how to knit lol
I heart those little lips <3
in the end we came up with something like this...

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