Monday, August 9, 2010

Life after Wedding...3 months later

I am so bad at will not believe how many unfinished diaries I have because, much like an ex-boyfriend, once I leave I'm not coming back. But this relation ship has been a good one, so I'll give it a try. It's just hard, after so long catching back up...where do I even start!? So lets do it through baby steps. Hi :) I'm still the future Mrs. D even though I'm married. Its a constant discussion but frankly, I'm not crazy about what "D" stands for and dont see the need in changing my name. He knows I'm his wife, I know, the world what's the big deal. As a compromise I though, when we finally have kids, to not cause confusion and not have to explain how mami doesnt like papi's name...I'll do it then lol...and even still I'd want to hyphenate lol

So with introductions out of the way lets take a quick but detailed trip off from the wedding to our nest :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

after all that hard work :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

More of the Pre-Shower Bridal Shoot

I don't even know what to do with all these great photos with out looking vain! They're way too cool for a simple album but framing them all seems a bit much....maybe just one as wall to wall wall paper! lol But which one!? Hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed taking!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Bridal Shower Shots

Seeing this is almost as fun as experiencing it! If you followed my journey from the beginning, I was debating between yellow and green for the wedding. Green won because I couldn't find the right yellow...but my friends brought that dream to life in my shower. I love bright colors!!
And in these pictures you see why!
How can you be anything but HAPPY when in an atmosphere such as this one :)
Many more to come! As I get them from the photographer I'll share them with you!

Arriving at the shower:

Red velvet & Vanilla:
what a cake!

It's all about the details:
favors and guestbook signs

party favors:
sugar & lemon makes lemonade

The Guestbook:
Elephants bring you money and friends bring you love :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Name Dropping

I've already told you guys how happy I've been since finding Busy Vee or Busy Vee Creative Pursuits, but I think after such a great wedding shower, it's that time again!

So here's the run down off all the things this lady has done for our wedding!

1. Helped us find our venue

2. Designed and assembled out invitations

3. Planned and executed our shower and shower invitations

4. Handmade and designed our shower decor and favors

5. Designed all paper goods for wedding such as programs and signage
6. As well as going above and beyond in a wedding shower photo shoot

While yes, you can find a friend or mom to help you with these things it helps to have a professional bring new life to your ideas. It went from eloping and using Target wedding invitations to this!!! And I could not be happier. I am beyond amazed and excited with how everything has turned out this far.

Busy Vee: 954-600-6662...ships within the 48 states!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bridal Shower Sneak Preview

My Bridal Shower was March 6, 2010 in Boca Raton, FL...and it was AMAZING!!!! Yes people, Busy Vee strikes again! Everything I'm about to show you is custom, handmade decor by my maid and matron of honors and the host of this wonderful event. Adjust the setting on your screen now, because this is about to get bright!!
made by Lil' Bit Cakes
terrace of the Spanish River Library

Close up of the decor:
handmade by Busy Vee and Co.

lemons & stones with personal messages

Friday, February 12, 2010

I need your help! Be on the lookout!

I am having a hard time with many things. I still need a makeup/hair person(s), a place for our rehersal dinner, the corset bra for my dress and jewelry for myself! My wedding in in Miami Beach so if you have referrals for any of the above please contact me!

The corset bra, at my alteration ladys is $79 and the same at VS...pricy for something I'll never wear again. Any suggestions of where I can find one??

Also, after watching the Miss USA pageant I became inspired. I saw what I want and what I want is to look like this!! I love that it was just beautiful earrings to compliment a gorgeous dress. That's all you really need! Simple, clean and elegant...and they ALL did it! Noone had on anything other than earrings!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another busy vee production! My bridal shower photo shoot!

Never heard of a Bridal Shower Photo Shoot?? Yeah me niether! But that's what happens when you have great friends, with great talent and work with Busy Vee!! I was instucted to find a yellow dress, Mr. D was to dress in black and I was not to ask any questions and just show up...and I gladly complied and here's the outcome. My invitations to my bridal shower!

Mr. D and I as babies, as the envelope liner :)

The invitations with details removed
and some fun extras!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vendor Love: Gil Sosa my florist


He is AMAZING!!! Will work with your budget, guide you and he oh so humble! He has no idea how famous he is on the knot!!!

Vendor Love: My Paper Lady Pt. II

For a destination wedding Busy Vee Created these:

For a Baby Shower:
For Wedding:

And it doesnt stop at invitations, here's what she made for a bridal shower:
The proof is in the photos:
So now for the questions that's been burning us this whole time....
how do you contact her???
Like this :)
I 110% stand behind her as a vendor. I put my own wedding in her hands and have been more than happy with the outcome, and now that mine is near, she should have some room in her schedule for you and yours too :)
Happy Planning!

Vendor Love: Meet my Paper Lady

I've always raving about a certain Busy Vee and all the magical and wonderous things she does with paper, well now I plan to use not only words, but images {insert gasp} to show you just how fly she is! Brace yourself your in for a ride!

For her 26th Birthday she has a Mystery Stache Bash,
with all personally made decor and favors:
and to top it off a Stache Cake!