Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Bridal Shower Shots

Seeing this is almost as fun as experiencing it! If you followed my journey from the beginning, I was debating between yellow and green for the wedding. Green won because I couldn't find the right yellow...but my friends brought that dream to life in my shower. I love bright colors!!
And in these pictures you see why!
How can you be anything but HAPPY when in an atmosphere such as this one :)
Many more to come! As I get them from the photographer I'll share them with you!

Arriving at the shower:

Red velvet & Vanilla:
what a cake!

It's all about the details:
favors and guestbook signs

party favors:
sugar & lemon makes lemonade

The Guestbook:
Elephants bring you money and friends bring you love :)

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