Friday, October 23, 2009

RSVP rut but there has been progress!!

I know I've been gone for a while but I swear I have something to show for it!! I just dont have it on me now lol...

1- invitations are in production and so far AWESOME!!! I'll be posting pictures as soon as possible as well a information on where you can get equally awesome paper goods as well!

2- Honeymoon has been booked :)
7 night Cruise in the Eastern Caribbean:
Miami, Half Moon Cay, St Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk

As for my rut, I need a cool RSVP a smiley face/sad face option, thumbs up/down, transformer/decepatcon lol...I just know there's better out there than just a simple accept/regret option...but what is it!!! 6 months to go people!!

Kickin it Old School

Another post about Mrs. V's wedding!!! I'm a big believer in the non-traditional, seeing the unexpected, and all things that fall within that realm...check out some more sneak peeks in to Mrs. V's wedding that I definately appreciated:
For the Bride and Her bridesmaids
For the groom and his groomsmen
Put it all together and what do you get??
Love it!
all photos courtesy of

Beauty on Budget

This post is dedicated to new bride and Facebook buddy Mrs. V!
I always felt you HAD to have centerpieces! They must be huge they must be extravagent or the table would look bare....and then Mrs. V got married and look what she did with bold colors, print, petal and a candelabra :)
Guest Tables


Sign -Table
Sweethearts Tables
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. V! beautifully done!
and I'm sure it costs hell of a lot less then I'm spending! lol Ah well, life is all about lessons learned!
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boudior Session

Out of respect for my honey, since he feels these are his pictures I'll only post the one, which I've blurred for a bit for anonymity lol. I received the result of my boudoir session and all I can say is wow! It is totally unlike I've ever seen myself, seductive and in your face! Again, I recommend every woman do it! I see myself showing my daughter these one day, when she looks at me like I know nothing about being hot, I'll have proof that I invited hot! lol The photographer is the one and only Carmen of Studio by Carmen . Look her up! She does wedding too! LOVE LOVE LOVED the experience!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Officially a Gil Sosa Bride :)

If you're ever on The Knot in the South Florida section then you know Gil Sosa...this man doesnt even have a website and he's crazy popular! He is extrememly talented, sought after and amazing!!
He works with your vision and your budget and has an AWESOME following. And now I've got him :) My centerpieces will be similar to that shown :)

My mouth is watering as I type...

We had our fod tasting this past weekend and it was better than I can put into words. We all but licked the plates! At our wedding we'll be offering:

1- mixed greens salad w/ choice of 3 dressings
2-grilled veggies or moro (rice and beans)
3-grilled chicken with choice of sauce
4-grilled skirt steak cooked on site
5-penne pasta with choice of 3 sauces.

and I'm sure I missed something. But, um...yeah...I had dreams about that mean. This has officially made me excited. I can wait to eat and tear into my cake!! This isnt just a weddig it's the party of the century!!!
For you south Florida brides: Americaters!

We've got a winner! Meet my cake!

Red Velvet and Lemon...need I say more?? Well actually the yellow would be green or it wouldnt make sense :) and the top piece is being replicated so we'll have our untouched piece for our 1 year anniversay!!!!!!! OMG I cant wait!!

Cool DIY site!

Wordle is this funky tool, where you enter some text, hit a few buttons, and you have created a great piece of art-work. The above was created using the lyrics to Ribbon in the Sky which I plan to walk down the aisle to :) and who knows maybe you'll see this around my wedding somewhere!!