Sunday, December 21, 2008

have you met a part of my bridal party??

Let me introduce you to 2 of my girls. they're my linesisters (I'm a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.) my best friends and my family and will eventually also have the added titles of my bridesmaids:

To the left is my P.lo, my Giantic Mexican and my MOH and to the right is my Little Leidy, my tiniest friend and sister from another mother, they have been there for me for the past 4 years and counting and I heart these girls. Having them in my wedding, next to me as I make the biggest commitment to day is an undescribable honor and pleasure. I heart you guys!

It happened again!! Yay!! I win!

A few days after winning my ornament :) I come to my phone to see multiple missed calls and texts announcing my 2nd place win for 30% off custom invitations!!! AMAZING!!! That was a really proud moment. I spent almost 9 hour putting together my vison, emailing back and forth with my unofficial Creative Director, V, and with her Photoshop skills my vision was born! I present you the inspiration board that won. I am completely tied between the two, love them equally, and have no idea which will be the final pick but here goes....
so what do you think?? I am in love!

I interrupt this post for a special announcement!

I friggin love blogs!!!

I have become addicted ever since my first win and it has been a dream ever since!! On Thanksgiving I won my first (A WEDDING PLANNER!!! more details about the to come) and this is the latest, a Hallmark ornament. I know it's not a big deal but it's definately encouraging especially for someone who's never won anything before! So Yay and Hapy Holidays!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Venue Pick

So we visited about 7 possible wedding venues this past weekend and whoa is this ALOT of information to get at once! But luckily we narrowed those 7 down to 2. The place I picked is the Coral Gables Women's Club. Built is 1916 is that that old feel I'm going for complete with the original Cuban tile from that decade. The site includes, photographer (he's ok....) DJ (I'll let you know), Catering (again, I'll get back to you), cake and flowers all for $100/pp at a minimum of 100ppl and a venue rental fee of about $2240. I was really hoping to try and keep it under $10k but this place is gorgeous! ( Originally my hope was to the the wedding in the Dominican Republic in the colonial areas, complete with 18th century cathedrals and cannons, but my future FIL wont get on a the next best thing was finding a place that'll give me that old world feel...I think this is pretty close. It gives you exclusive access to the building, has parking and 3 separate areas all included in that price. You can have a ceremony in one area, cocktail hour in an open air courtyard and a reception in the ballroom. I'm in love... but Mr. D has something else in mind...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friends, especially mine, are amazing

I will now take this opportunity to introduce you to 2 of my amazing friends. AKA heads of Project Wedding...Top is V and bottom is P.lo (as in J.lo but not lol)...this weekend my amazingly awesome friends took me venue shopping. To my surprise they handmade me a wedding planning binder, complete with 3 different budget outlines and pictures of them lol. Originally the plan was to surprise me with a consultation with a wedding planner (since that was not in my budget) but thanks to V I won one!! (My Wedding Planner So we woke at 8am, V made breakfast and we were off! We went to Cuba and back! Made every illegal U-Turn possible and laughed like I haven't laughed in the longest. All I can say is these girls are amazing (that word will be a recurring theme in this blog lol so get use to it)...and the weekend was that and more. I'll review each site separately. We visited bout 7 places, including 2 churches and planning is no joke. So wave to V and P.lo you'll hear more of them on to the venues!! In the Adventures of Bride v. Venues!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An engaging trip...

Mr. D and I met while I was a sophomore in college during Hurricane Irene. A year later we went to New York as our first trip together and while giving him a tour of my glorious city I showed him where I would want my dream front of the Bethesda Fountain in Central is absolutely beautiful there!! Well apparently Mr. D was taking note... This year in April we went back to NY, Mr. D, his brother Big B and I went to visit my older brother, and the day before we were scheduled to leave we went to the Museum of Natural History and then took a walk through Central Park looking for our fountain. We walked for HOURS before I was like "let's just forget it"!! But for whatever reason he insisted and when we finally got there he took me aside and dropped to one knee and proposed. I was in shock! He pulls out a black box and brings out my ring and at first I though it was a joke...we'd spent the day before at China Town looking at all the fake jewelry so I was sure he was just trying to be funny....but then I recognized the ring. It was "the ring", the ring that I had had posted on the fridge for a month (before I felt silly and took it down) but this was the Real Deal Holyfield...and exactly as I'd specified..princess cut, empire setting, and minimum of a carat (because I don't do fractions and I'm not about to start) and I was floored!!

Apparently he'd bought it a week before our trip, his brother had it on him the whole day and my brother was in on it too! The day we got there he even asked my brother for my hand in marriage...(i know, i know *tear*)...well obviously I said yes and here we the beginning of our story and let me tell you it's amazing how many dreams this man has made a reality. Yeah I'm not getting married in front of my fountain but I was proposed to there and that's every bit as amazing!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For my first official post (the crowd roars) I'd like to explain what inspired me, and one it's My "V" (as seen on She's my witty, crazy haired friend who is addicted to blogs, blogging and all things blog-related and got me addicted... the rest is history. Secondly, I am recently engaged (04/05/08, thank you , thank you), am completely preoccupied with planning and so nervous/excited/hysterical that I felt it would be selfish of me not to share in my hysteria. The wedding is scheduled for 2010 (sounds so futuristic) so you'll be there for the whole ride!! :) So sit back, scroll, comment and let the chaos begin!