Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An engaging trip...

Mr. D and I met while I was a sophomore in college during Hurricane Irene. A year later we went to New York as our first trip together and while giving him a tour of my glorious city I showed him where I would want my dream front of the Bethesda Fountain in Central is absolutely beautiful there!! Well apparently Mr. D was taking note... This year in April we went back to NY, Mr. D, his brother Big B and I went to visit my older brother, and the day before we were scheduled to leave we went to the Museum of Natural History and then took a walk through Central Park looking for our fountain. We walked for HOURS before I was like "let's just forget it"!! But for whatever reason he insisted and when we finally got there he took me aside and dropped to one knee and proposed. I was in shock! He pulls out a black box and brings out my ring and at first I though it was a joke...we'd spent the day before at China Town looking at all the fake jewelry so I was sure he was just trying to be funny....but then I recognized the ring. It was "the ring", the ring that I had had posted on the fridge for a month (before I felt silly and took it down) but this was the Real Deal Holyfield...and exactly as I'd specified..princess cut, empire setting, and minimum of a carat (because I don't do fractions and I'm not about to start) and I was floored!!

Apparently he'd bought it a week before our trip, his brother had it on him the whole day and my brother was in on it too! The day we got there he even asked my brother for my hand in marriage...(i know, i know *tear*)...well obviously I said yes and here we the beginning of our story and let me tell you it's amazing how many dreams this man has made a reality. Yeah I'm not getting married in front of my fountain but I was proposed to there and that's every bit as amazing!!

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