Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friends, especially mine, are amazing

I will now take this opportunity to introduce you to 2 of my amazing friends. AKA heads of Project Wedding...Top is V and bottom is P.lo (as in J.lo but not lol)...this weekend my amazingly awesome friends took me venue shopping. To my surprise they handmade me a wedding planning binder, complete with 3 different budget outlines and pictures of them lol. Originally the plan was to surprise me with a consultation with a wedding planner (since that was not in my budget) but thanks to V I won one!! (My Wedding Planner So we woke at 8am, V made breakfast and we were off! We went to Cuba and back! Made every illegal U-Turn possible and laughed like I haven't laughed in the longest. All I can say is these girls are amazing (that word will be a recurring theme in this blog lol so get use to it)...and the weekend was that and more. I'll review each site separately. We visited bout 7 places, including 2 churches and planning is no joke. So wave to V and P.lo you'll hear more of them on to the venues!! In the Adventures of Bride v. Venues!

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