Friday, December 12, 2008

My Venue Pick

So we visited about 7 possible wedding venues this past weekend and whoa is this ALOT of information to get at once! But luckily we narrowed those 7 down to 2. The place I picked is the Coral Gables Women's Club. Built is 1916 is that that old feel I'm going for complete with the original Cuban tile from that decade. The site includes, photographer (he's ok....) DJ (I'll let you know), Catering (again, I'll get back to you), cake and flowers all for $100/pp at a minimum of 100ppl and a venue rental fee of about $2240. I was really hoping to try and keep it under $10k but this place is gorgeous! ( Originally my hope was to the the wedding in the Dominican Republic in the colonial areas, complete with 18th century cathedrals and cannons, but my future FIL wont get on a the next best thing was finding a place that'll give me that old world feel...I think this is pretty close. It gives you exclusive access to the building, has parking and 3 separate areas all included in that price. You can have a ceremony in one area, cocktail hour in an open air courtyard and a reception in the ballroom. I'm in love... but Mr. D has something else in mind...

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