Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For my first official post (the crowd roars) I'd like to explain what inspired me, and one it's My "V" (as seen on http://lafamiliamejia.blogspot.com/). She's my witty, crazy haired friend who is addicted to blogs, blogging and all things blog-related and got me addicted... the rest is history. Secondly, I am recently engaged (04/05/08, thank you , thank you), am completely preoccupied with planning and so nervous/excited/hysterical that I felt it would be selfish of me not to share in my hysteria. The wedding is scheduled for 2010 (sounds so futuristic) so you'll be there for the whole ride!! :) So sit back, scroll, comment and let the chaos begin!

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  1. SEE! Your first freakin post and you totally rock! I knew you had blogging in your future! and a picture with your post, that's totally advanced blogging!! LOL