Friday, May 6, 2011

This just makes me happy

We moved 300 miles from our friends and family almost 4 years ago, these people have kept me sane. They have been the best friends I could ask for, always visiting, calling, bbm-ing, texting, whatever! We haven't lost contact and they've made it feel like I never left. I am a very luck girl, great man, awesome friends :)

Thank you guys!!!! Miss your faces!

Eating our top layer: Story of Year Old Cake

I think the tradition of eating your top layer is the most disgusting tradition ever! Our anniversary was on Easter Sunday. I took the cake out of the freezer that Monday to thaw it out.

Every night we'd take it out of the fridge and woosing out and putting it back in the fridge. Finally 3 or 4 days later we did it! We unwrapped the layer upon layer and bit into the most moist year old cake I've ever had (way to go Eddas Cakes!)... It was my husbands favorite, red velvet. Now I neither like cake, nor red velvet. 2 bites into it I wanted to vomit, and my husband started to get grossed out at the the end of splitting 1 slice we were on opposit end of the kitchen just trying to hold th cake down and me all itchy at the thougt of eating old cake...369 days old!... it is now May 6th and the cake is still sitting on the counter, only one slice missing.

What do I do with the rest? It feels disrespectful to the memory of my wedding to toss it...I think I'll keep it there til it turns to dust lol

I did it!!!

Jumping in with both feet

So now that I'm really Mrs. D, I feel like I should explain why, after almost 6 years of refusal I actually did it. I pride myself on being a woman of my word, someone who stands by my beliefs, but I'm also very observant and reflective.

I didn't want to change my name mainly because I didn't like his... and partly because I felt like I was losing a part of myself. My last name is really all I have as a connection to my fathers side of my family (we're not exactly close) and I felt like I had to give up more than he did, so partly it was my way of rebelling.

I considered hyphenating, adding his behind mine (no hyphen) or just leaving it be.... and then I looked at the examples I had. The some of people I know who had hyphenated are no longer together. Some of the ones I know who never changed their names divorced, and his mom (Momma D: married 30+ yrs), his grandmother (Grandma D: married 50+ years)..still married. (and Yes, I realize that MANY who change their names end up divorced.) I'm not saying I think changing you're name will lead to happily ever after or that it is a magic formula to wedded bliss, but in my specific case I felt like holding on to my last name would be half-assing my marriage. Maybe in the back of those people's minds they knew where their marriages were headed so they didn't see the point, maybe not, maybe I'm thinking too much as usual...but I really want to do everything I can to make my husband happy. If in the end, I end up "like them" to not use the D word, I'd like to feel like I did EVERYTHING in my power. I want to be able to say I've given this marriage my all. I have given my heart, my life, my future to this man, so what's a last name? Especially if it means that much to him?

Honestly, as much as I hate(d) the last name I've never felt so good...It feels like we were in a pretty little box together and the name change just put a bow on it...we are a package all the way around now. Our kids will have "our name", it just feels whole.

I am officially all his :)

Easter Sunday fell on my first anniversary :) I am proud to say, after many years of talking all the b-s I could talk I gave him the one thing I knew would mean more to him than anything. I changed my name.

It was literally my plan E! I wanted to keep with tradition and make it a paper or watch themed gift, but its a saying that you never get a man a watch because he'll never have time for you, so that was out. My husbands favorite musical artist was in town so I tried getting him tickets (he had class that night), his favorite comedian came into town (he'd seen him and didn't want to go again), Buccaneer tickets went on sale (good seats were out of my budget), and etc, etc, etc...he was NOT making this easy.

I REALLY felt like this needed to be symbolic of how much he means to me, romantic, and all things "love" like, so the only other thing I could think of was my last name. I started the process 2 weeks before our anniversary. I drove 45 minutes away to the SS office, the next day I went to the Licensing office...I was NOT prepared for signing my new name on the spot! I honestly thought I'd get to keep my signature lol... from there I called all my credit card companies, visited my banks and changed each and every account...mind you, during this time he wasn't allowed to get the mail just in case it blew my cover.

In the end I ended up buying him some hair clippers he'd wanted, cadbury eggs (because my husband thinks hes 6) and the license. I layered it all in a large box, license on the bottom, and wrapped an inch thick in bubble wrap. He loved his eggs, was excited for his expensive &^% clippers, but when he got the the took him almost 5 minutes to unwrap it. He was speechless. That is exactly what I wanted. He was so touched... he said "I've never loved you more than I love you this very moment"... I've never been more proud of my self :)

The only 3 things a man should want to change in his woman:

(1) her address,

(2) her outlook on men,

and (3) her last name...check, check, and check!