Friday, February 12, 2010

I need your help! Be on the lookout!

I am having a hard time with many things. I still need a makeup/hair person(s), a place for our rehersal dinner, the corset bra for my dress and jewelry for myself! My wedding in in Miami Beach so if you have referrals for any of the above please contact me!

The corset bra, at my alteration ladys is $79 and the same at VS...pricy for something I'll never wear again. Any suggestions of where I can find one??

Also, after watching the Miss USA pageant I became inspired. I saw what I want and what I want is to look like this!! I love that it was just beautiful earrings to compliment a gorgeous dress. That's all you really need! Simple, clean and elegant...and they ALL did it! Noone had on anything other than earrings!

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