Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why ski when you can drink?!

So I've been gone a while and with good reason!! My honey and I went to NC with our crew on our first out of state trip with the whole group and we had a blast!! In -9 degree weather, wearing more clothes on at once than humanly possible, and a group of 13 you can bet the this trip was memorable. We took 18 hours to get there just because of all of our photo ops on the way, I lost a pair of $300 Armani sunglasses (not this broke bride's) and ended up with a huge bruise from getting hit with a ball of ice during a snowball fight :) So yeah, I'm broke and on vacation...I know it goes totally against the budget, but you know what!! These memories are priceless! And my babe looked so handsome in all his gear...awww.

So with out further ado here go the pictures!

And I'll be completely honest...I did no skiing whatsoever. The resort, fortunately, had a bar and in honor of Corporate America and all those hard working people out there, we celebrated Happy Hour while everyone else hit the slopes lol

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