Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wedding Planning Sucks

Ok so last post I was super excited about ChomberHall and I've come to realize that these all inclusive places costs more than just finding your own vendors and that I, once again, dont know what I'm doing and it's frustrating. I had a mini-melt down last night as I told Mr. D :

1- that I wanted to elope

2- once he vetoed that idea, to just forget it let's just stay engaged for life, followed by a rant about how he's not helping and that this isnt fun and finally

3- That I dont want to get married and forget everything and cried...this is probably my second one of those...this is part of that hysteria I mention in the description of my blog.

It's just a lot...I have a planner that I'm weird about going to (I dont like asking people I dont know for favors) and although that's her job it's just weird to me...Plus I have these awesome friends who are always researching and advising (thanks V and MOH) but I still feel like a complete mess and like i'm getting nowhere.

Comber Hall refuses to work with my planner and their attitude was a complete turnoff and Coco is great but I love it more than Mr. D and I want a place we'll both love equally, plus Coco isnt as large so we'll have to do some creative thinking as far as the reception area is concerned. So it's not a total bust but now I'm back to looking for another option to make sure I make a good decision. And planning from Orlando for a wedding in Coral Gables is no easy task. I dont know where these places are and then we have to find a weekend we both have off to take the time to see then be bombarded with prices and packages that overwhelm me all over again. I could cry....and I did and I might again.

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  1. aw poor Omy! no worries we'll find something!