Friday, September 18, 2009

Everyone I love, I love in groups:

The men in my life: Jason and Jelly {our puppy :0) }, my friends Leidy & Laura, my most important people...Mami, Mama and Manito (my mom, g-ma and big brother) and I introduce you to the most important 3:

The reason for this post is Wednesday I was informed my grandmother had suffered a heart attack. She's stable and thay're giving her a tune up but God! was that a scare. Last year my grandfather died, and I hadnt spoken to him for over a year before that happened. No bad blood I just kept putting off calling him until it was too late. Now my grandmother is the only one I have left and I hadnt spoken to her in over a month. This is my second chance and I'm taking it! She promised me 26 more years and I'm holding her to that! {she's 84}...take that as a sign, call your loved ones before it's too late.

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