Monday, June 8, 2009

That damn house...

I took 10 days off for this house. We were suppsoedly closing Friday. Our broker was waiting on tax transcripts that we was confident could be waived. We could hear something by 6 we still hadnt heard from him. Then Saturday our realtor says to stay close becuase she was goingto see if she could give us the keys and we move in early and sign later...Saturday came and went without a mention of the keys...Sunday she says the title company said no. So today I came to work. Today we were supposed to get a call at 10 with an update, we call at 11 after not hearing anything...they're still waiting. So I took off 10 days to pack, clean, move and take care of our apartment and our house and so far it's been a complete waste of my time. We partially packed.... but for what?

I talked to one of his coworkers who said her closing was rescheduled 3 times. My coworker says she lived in a hotel for a week because the same thing happened to her... I am feeling very pessimistic right now. I've prayed on it. I dont want anything rushed and if it takes time to do it correctly, then by al means...but atleast dont leave us hanging! Stop mentioning all these great possibilities becuase it gets my hopes up, stop saying you'll call at 10 and then let me figure it out at 6 when the call still hasnt come, and dont have me "stay close" on the only Saturday without rain for no damn reason! UGHHHHHHH!!! I could punch them all in their faces.

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