Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things that are better than wedding planning

So it's not a joke. Planning sucks...I dont know what I'm doing, I've never planned a party before, never dealt with vendors and am dishing out money left and right and keeping my fingers crossed. And because my funds are limited it's even harder because you need to cross reference every single detail to make sure you're getting your monies worth... so with that said I've complied a list of things that are better than planning a wedding:

  • Getting stitches

  • Getting a root canal with no anasthesia

  • Giving birth naturally without an epidural {according to the latest Bridezilla}

  • Forgetting the stove is hot and burning your forearm {yup happened to me}

  • Falling off the bed and landing on your head {yup and my neck still hurts}

  • Stubbing your toe and cracking your nail {uh-huh check that off my list too}

  • Getting in a car accident and having stitches done on your lip {not a pretty site}

  • Getting knots yanked out of your hair {story of my childhood}

  • Getting a bug caught in your eye {yuck! and owwww}

  • Trying to lift your 200+ lb fiance and hurting your back {I'm not one to be outdown so I tried it}

  • Missing the barstool after too many drinks

  • Trying to bleach black dye out of your hair and burning your scalp {that made me cry and this has too!}

  • Something going down the wrong pipe while eating

  • Getting your finger caught in a door

  • Getting kicked in the face {my nose still hurts}

  • Trying to run when you're severly out of shape

  • brain freezes!!

  • and finally really really bad cramps

I think you get the idea...this sucks and I really really really hope in the end it will all be worth the stress, tears and headaches. So did I miss anything??

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