Friday, March 6, 2009

Chronic Comparison Shopper

I am what you can I'm ok with that. I dont mind splurging but I need to make sure that my dime is going as far as it can possibly go, and with that I have another confession.
So far I've gotten my dress {whichI'll show after!}, my fiance and my venue.
I booke Bella Picures for photography, then cancelled. Went back an forth with my top 2 photographers then went with another who offered me a better value. Signed the contract with her mailed a check....and sure enough one of my top picks contacts me with a better deal than I'd hoped for. So now, thank god my deposit was never deposited, I'm switching photographers. This lady is amazing! Her eye is incredible and her photography is incredibly romantic. I introduce you to Michelle Morales. I'm at peace with my choice, I'm 100% sure this is who I'm going with. Why? Because she requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit! LOL that and she was one of my top 2 choices.
Next is the DJ. Everyone in Florida apparently uses the same DJs! It's either DJ Ubi or DJ Productions. My planner reommended Ubi, Ubi for 4 hours and lighting charges $1065...I was like whoa! I've never had anything lit or DJ'd so you know my mind cannot rap around this. But Music is Mr D's number one priority so I signed the contract and check and put it in my purse to mail. On my way out th door DJ Productions calls. Uggghhhhh! As soon as I make a decision another option appears! But I guess it's a blessing...I mean they are bigger and better options so I shouldnt complain, but I just feel like I'm not making any progress! Everytime I' ready to move to step C I end up back on A!
So how did I end up not changing my dress or venue? Well the dress is jst so me. I put it on and felt "fun"! I tried it on in front of my mom and grandmother and my grandmother in all her cuteness got big eyed and covered her mouth in awe. :) So If she like that's definately a plus for that dress!
As for the venue, as I stated before is totally opposite of what I was looking for. My original "look" was more old world spanish {i.e. think the fort in PR or St. Augustine} but I realized that, yes I'd get the look, but then I wouldnt be left with much money for anything else. So in the end, Shane Center is not my dream venue but it is definately budget friendly, beautifully located, the staff is awesome, and I've seen what it can become and am super excited about the possibilities.

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