Thursday, February 26, 2009

Will you be my bridesmaid??

So yes, the thought that "I'll be damed if anyone looks better than me at my wedding!" has gone through my head...i'll admit it! But at the end of the day my girls are a reflection of me...and those dresses a reflection of my taste...and those pictures are forever!

So with that said, I will not be a bridezilla in that regard...I havent picked a color but I have ideas...I also dont know if everyone will wear the same dress or just the same color different style..or 2 styles or....well I just dont know! So anywho...these are my ideas, compliments of Davids Bridal:

So I think you can atleast tell that I'm leaning towards a shorter style with a little more coverage up top. I think these are all really elegant and not too stuffy. LOVING the black one and the last champage one! So what do you think? Will you??


  1. just stumbled onto your blog!

    Love you Bridesmaid dress picks...they are all great!

    good luck planning :)

  2. I love your blog! Good luck with all the planning!

    I definitely love the blue one and the black one. Hope that helps!