Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So in one weekend I booked a photographer and unbooked them

So honestly, when you see this logo do you cringe?? I met with a rep. on Saturday. Very, very nice, very laid back very comfortable...They explained that they take the work out of the process for me. I book them, they send me photos to rate and use them to find my style and hook me up with a photographer across the country. So if my guys in Cali, they'll fly him him. Along with that I get a flush mount album, 2 parent albums, a bonus choice (ie mini albums, more pages in my album, print credits etc.) 6 hours of coverage, all my negatives...all for $2800...that was more than I wanted to spend but I fell in LOVE with the albums....then I got home and searched the reviews on them...
Has anyone check out weddingwire.com?? OMG..wow do they rip Bella Pictures a new one! I mean for the most part they're good, but the bad ones are BAD! And seriously people, after the wedding is done all you have left is the man, ring and pictures, if they mess up your pictures there's no going back...those are your shitty ass pictures your stuck with! Also, may complained that their photographer was placed with them to late, or was replaced last minute, or had just never done weddings. So I freaked out and called my rep...
I talked to her about my concerns, she offered me 20% off...ok so now we're down to $2300...great! So I'm like ok...kinda...I mean I still dont know who this person will be until 3 months to the date (policy) but I'm trusting her...so I print and sign the contract and mail it in. I forward a copy to my planner who is seriously against it.
align="justify">Turns out she worked with them before (ladies, if you have a planner, USE THEM!! Dont be like me, too shy to ask for advice). The bride's photographer was a photographer for a newspaper and really wasnt experienced, the pictures were so bad my planner didnt even use them on her blog...so here we go again...my money is slim! Like ><>
So here we are again...looking for a photographer....grrrrrr {That's my angry sound}
so now I ask you, my gracious readers...can you recommend anyone...or just totally keep me away from anyone??
Currently looking at:
studiobycarmen.com {i know i know, she's great}
studio1791.com {site is awesome!}
kalia lily photography
So tell me your thoughts...P.S. I need someone that'll do it in Miami.

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  1. Hey there! Just came across your blog... I got married in South Beach last June and used Maria Baiz. She is REALLY good and super easy to work with... here is her website
    Congrats and enjoy planning... I miss it!