Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Venue: The Shane Center

So My Venue: It's off of Miami Beach, within walking distance to the beach and the venue itself is off of the intracostal with a view of the really nice estate homes...the reason I chose it was based on what I saw it could become It's a really good shell and the pssibilities are endless... so here's what I saw!

Light Up Bar

For the Sweethearts Table

Cala Lily Handmade Chandelier
Cake under construction, every other tier was clear
So that's it! I mean there's more..a terrace, a view, an outside area but this is what sealed the deal...I love it...even almost got me to change my colors! Almost but not quite lol


  1. Gorgeous! I love that Cala chandelier! So aweome.

  2. Hi:
    I read your information on the Club of Knights and the Loft. I'm just wondering when you came by for a visit. I was sick a few weeks ago so it may have been right after I took some medication that made me extremely ill. I'm sorry if that's the impression you received of our location. We're working on the exterior as soon as the city of Coral Gables decides to give us the proper permitting. Regarding the loft, that's now finished (finally) so I encourage you to drop by and see the neat choc. brown draping and chanderlier hanging outside. It really turned out nice. anyway, you chose a great place the Shane Center. I spoke with Rosie today as a matter of fact. If you'd like to come down and set up a meeting (hopefully I won't be so under the weather this time), I'd welcome the opportunity for another chance.

    Maggie-Fetes & Events