Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Broke Bride Decision: Religious or Civil Ceremony

I think the biggest and best part of the wedding if walking down that aisle...the alter before you, your man to your right, friends to your left, and family all around. And I can have that, all or a "dontation" of $1500 not including the deposit. And $1500 wont make or break me but it could do so much for my moms trying to convince m that she can pay for it but she's offering to pay for ALOT, and at the end of the day this is my wedding, my financial cross to bear so I just dont feel comfortable letting her do that. And his family, so far we've got a "we'll see what we can do" I'm not relying on anyone but me. And that sucks...but ah well it is what it is...So what do you think? Get married at the terrace at my reception venue? Or fork over the money for my church and forgo A LOT decoration-wise?? That's a tough one...
I dunno...maybe I could do a beach ceremony??

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