Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living above my bridal means

So I'm having this issue..maybe you can relate? I am not being strict about my saving! I mean I regularly deposit money in the ING wedding fund...but other than that...any bonuses I get from work...not making it to the bank.

Ex. On Monday maybe I got a $200 bonus...I used that to go grocery shopping, spent about $70 there, went out to dinner, movies, Kennedy Space Center and this weekend we're hitting up St. Augustine.

Even better example....I was about to get a pedicure yesterday...I was driving there and talked myself into buying polish and just doing it myself. I ended up with arms full of polish and spent $35 buck on nail polish...I've NEVER bought that much polish but I just got carried away! And I couldnt possibly leave any of them, they all had a purpose. I have a neutral baby pink on my hands for work, and yellow {that's right I'm rockin the yellow!} on my toes just to make me smile...and they look amazing!

So I feel guilty! That's the whole point of this post release my guilt into the world and let this post set me free!! This wedding planning is really stressful! Mr. D, as much as I hate to admit it, is no help, it's not his thing and he's not into the little details of it, so every chance I get I treat myself.

My friend Busy Vee, she tells a tale of a time long ago when she was planning and she would forgo a good eyebrow thread and leg wax for the good of the wedding. I havent forgone anything...I just think it's the only way I'll keep my sanity! Does that male me a bad budgeting bride??

P.S. I can admit to all of this because he only reads my blog when I make him :) So I'd appreciate your discretion in the matter

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  1. hum Omy!!!!! it's a balance, do you deprive yourself just for one the end all the deprivation and A LOT of things went wrong at my wedding, so would I make the same decisions if I could go back, maybe....but everytime you say i wish I could afford it, I WILL be adding up all the nail polish and mani pedis cuz i'm a good friend and you love me! LOL LOL that doesn't make sense lol
    Love, Unibrow Busy Vee!