Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Few more things in the works:

So I dont know if I explained how apparently every single thing I like is "so last year"... My wedding dress:DISCONTINUED. Flower girl I want:DISCONTINUED. The green dye for everyones shoes: DISCONTINUED....the material for the runners, you guessed it: DISCONTINUED!! I dont know whats up, someone has a sick sense of humor becuase if planning a wedding is hard imagine finding the item you like (scratch that LOVE) and then being told sorry, you cant have it!

But I will not compromise my vision!! The damask print for the runners was found after searing 7 different Jo-Ann Fabric, for this effect:
***another great My Mom creation***

This is almost exactly what I'll be doing except for my notations, the menus and I'll have Chavarri chairs :)

and then the dye for the shoes....aye the dye! Well again the greens you usually see for wedding are more pastel...I am not a pastel kind of person so my green is called celery and I've found 1 Davids Bridal that carries it for this effect:

What do you think??

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